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While it may seem obvious, most people are unsure of how crystal ball readings as they’ve been misled by what they’ve seen in pop culture. If you have never had a crystal ball reading before, our trusted psychics would love to give you your first experience over the phone. The readers on our cheap psychic line will answer all your questions in great detail so by the time your call comes to an end you will be content with the answers you received.

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How Crystal-Gazing Works

Step One: In pop culture, crystal ball readings are always presented as a polished orb (crystal or glass) but the truth is, a fortune-teller can use any clear surface to give a future reading.

Step Two: The reader may bless their space and call upon their spirit guide to assist them.

Step Three: Both the recipient and fortune-teller will keep whatever question(s) they’ve been asked at the forefront of their mind as the reader gazes into their crystal ball. When this happens, the fortune-teller will usually enter a meditative state so they can focus their energy more efficiently.

Step Four: During the reading, images, thoughts, colours, sounds, and hidden messages will become accessible to the reader. After deciphering the information they receive from the crystal ball or clear surface, the psychic will relay their finds to the recipient.

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0904 007 1474
(Calls cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply)

Choosing the Right Fortune-Teller

While psychic readings are often easy to come by these days, we always recommend that you get an idea of the psychic you’re seeking a reading from. On Trusted Psychic Readings, you can browse the profiles and reviews of our fortune-tellers so you can get a better understanding of who you’re dealing with. To help you choose the best psychic, here are a few things you can look out for:

Step One: When browsing through the list of crystal ball readers we have online, listen to your guy whenever you come across some who illicit a reaction from you.

Step Two: Make sure to read and familiarise yourself with the types of readings particular psychics offers as it will give you a clear indication of how they can assist you.

Step Three: Last but not least, go through as many of the reviews left by the people they’ve done readings for in the past.

When it comes to getting a cheap psychic reading on our phone service, it’s important that you have a connection with your chosen fortune-teller. The stronger the bond is between you and your reader, the more insightful/comprehensive your session will be.

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